Brennan's Beer & Bistro

347 Clarence Street

(519) 858-9900

pub/ bistro

A Casual Atmosphere with Serious Food! We offer events, entertainment, dinner-dances, karaoke Wednesdays, Open Mic Thursday nights, and lots of theme dinners and bands throughout the month.

Hours of Operation Today Monday: CLOSED
New Section
Jamaican Jump up -
Jan.7 & 8 5:00- 10:00 p.m Jump Up Soup made with sweet potato, squash & okra Caribbean Cucumber Salad Pork Tenderloin cooked with orange juice and sweet peppers Jerk Chicken Ackees with (or without) Salt Cod Mains served with Peas and Rice, Fried Plantain and Pop Chow (baby bok choy) Coconut Cake with fruit Bar Nibbles: Patties Plantain Chips Plus: Sorrel Punch Red Strip Beer And traditional Rum Cocktails
Special of the day on Friday and Saturday
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